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La méthode Renata França

The Renata França method

After much research, Renata FRANÇA has developed her own method, accelerating the rhythm, modifying the pressure, the pumping creating exclusive ma...

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Un peu de moi

A little bit of me

I am Linda MOREAU, Renata França Method practitioner. After having worked in the field of aesthetics then in that of health, I decided to train mys...

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<transcy>KOREAN LIFT</transcy>

<transcy>A ritual that will revolutionize beauty.</transcy>

It is a RubyCell "airbrush" diffusion system that vaporizes powerful plant active ingredients to deeply hydrate, smooth the skin texture and irremediably rejuvenate your skin.

<transcy>Facial care</transcy>

<transcy>THE KOREAN LIFT</transcy>

The Korean lift is the new essential ally in her beauty routine for a fresh, smooth and glowy complexion.

A real alternative to the sting of hyaluronic acid

The beauty magazines, the it girls, the personalities are unanimous it's the beauty novelty to remember.

This treatment is available exclusively in Luxembourg at my practice.

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<transcy>WHAT IS KOREAN LIFT?</transcy>

<transcy>KNOW EVERYTHING</transcy>

The Korean lift is a ritual using new cosmetic technology that will revolutionize beauty. It is a RubyCell "airbrush" diffusion system that vaporizes powerful plant active ingredients to deeply hydrate, smooth the skin texture and irremediably rejuvenate your skin.

It is a care among the care of excellence. The process is completely natural. The RubyCell bulbs used in the dedicated device contain plant stem cells to mist on your skin so that each of your cells is revitalized and rejuvenated a little more with each use.

Whatever your skin problems, the unique formulation acts in depth and prolongs the longevity of the cells present in our body every day. The patented formula was created by Korean dermatologists after years of research and development.



It contains among others Ginseng, hyaluronic acid, adenosine, ceramides and phyto-polyamines, plant stem cells which form liposomal structures to promote skin hydration and rejuvenation.

This revolutionary treatment has been tested on all skin types and the effects are constant and increasing: the skin becomes healthier, more beautiful, smoother and more toned. From the first session, the lymphatic system is stimulated and therefore the oval of the face is redrawn, refined and the face instantly lifted and redrawn.

Long-term use in regular care, definitively plumps up the facial features thanks to deep hydration. The complexion is unified and luminous. The natural collagen will multiply as the treatment is repeated. Time will become your ally by integrating a daily session into your routine.

The spectrum of action on the skin is wide, and all skin problems can be treated thanks to this skincare ritual which acts on: signs of aging pigment spots, melasma dilated pores acne scars, acne, rosacea, eczema.

As the treatment uses natural cells there is no contraindication. Even sun exposure is possible before and after treatment. Moreover, the Korean lift soothes the skin after exposure to the sun.

<transcy>HOW IS A SESSION GOING?</transcy>


The duration of the treatment is approximately 15 minutes.

It can be done on make-up skin for radiance and hydration during the day.

But also cleansed as an intense treatment to intensely plump the skin, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat colored bags and dark circles and brighten the complexion.

In the case of a treatment on clean skin, it is advisable to let the solution infuse on the skin for a minimum of 12 hours.

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